A downloadable three part for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Free to download! Note: Not sure if the linux & mac version will run. All three parts have no save functions, so they must be completed in one go.

Lighdon's serene journey(non-finalized) (part 3)

sounds in short play of part 2 and companionship by variablExponent

eletor's continuity effort is a two part with a continuation third part game. The first part is called eletor's companionship and the second part is part 2! the third part is still in the works and it is called lighdon's serene journey(eletors_iii)!

Eletor's continuity effort

Eletor's companionship (files 4,5,&6):

-play as dewlet&lighgon

-run through three sequences in a single go with no saving

-describing the sequences:1st sequence: puzzle 2nd sequence:short mission 3rd: strategy

eletor's continuity effort part 2 (first 3 files)

- choose, play, and alternate between 4 characters from 10 characters!

-collect 50 branches in 5 areas in a single run

-conditions slightly change as you progress

Ignore bottom

lighdon's serene journey demo (part 3 in works)

-place & collect inter-dimension(double integral) vector arrows to progress

-Use area energy to create elemental energy to collect & raise limit

-place 10 vector arrows to hault the exertion force

-get through all sub-areas before the exertion force reaches the limit

-switch between characters to restore vector arrow energy!

Install instructions

run it & play! Hopefully the mac & linux version run; since I don't have the OS's.


eceF_Part2.exe 96 MB
ECPfullW_Part1.exe 75 MB
eletorP1_&2L&M(2).zip 307 MB
LSJL.exe 78 MB
LSJM.exe 79 MB
LSJW.exe 78 MB
the_next_title_I_am_working_on 35 kB

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